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Job shadowing / Practical Year

If you are interested to become a retina specialist and start or continue your training at a German eye hospital, we recommend job shadowing as an observer first in order to get to know each other. Please send your application directly to the management of the hospital you are interested in. Electronically scattered mass applications are discouraged.  In general it is necessary to sign a contract for your work shadowing. For foreign applicants, a valid visa is required. Active participation in the hospital is only possible when the work permit is provided by Germany.


With the introduction of the new legal guidelines for approbation in 2013, German medical students can choose nationwide where they will spend a part or their complete last year of medical training. This national mobility act allows students to get in contact with training sites outside their home university which is interesting with regard to later job applications. A direct application at the hospital is not possible. It should be directed at the Dean’s Office of the guest university. In general, students registered at a specific university have priority in the allocation of places.